the way you look at someone when they're not even looking at you. your dreams. music. the way you like to indulge in desserts. the way you carry yourself. the human body as remarkably breathtaking. the cello, the violin, the piano and how they can lift you up and take you to places. poetry in motion when you're going about your day and suddenly the way memories unfold and elicit mood and emotions that weren't present moments ago. the sadness of a parent's losssoaking wet in the rain and giving you perspectives on life passing by.  trying to understand the nuances of love. the way you can transform a person's life with a mere kiss. cozy duvets and lingering toes.  the loneliness that keeps you up at 3 am that you think will consume your soul, but still doesn't destroy you.

art is a perfect reason to express these.

Ruksana Hussain is a fine art and commercial photographer from Canada, currently residing in Dubai.  An arts lover from an early age who got side-tracked with a degree in Political Science and Psychology, she decided to reacquaint herself with art again through photography, after a very personal set-back that eventually gave her a new perspective on life. 

Inspired by nature, poetry, and the fragile nature of human relationships, Ruksana's work is characterised by dramatic compositions often in rich, vibrant hues. Her images contain narratives consisting of symbolism and romantic conceptualism.  Photo manipulations of subjects is a common theme,  depicting they have undergone layers of changes to reach a palpable understanding of inner conflicts.




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