testosterone filled weekend, with some rings girls to balance it out

This weekend, I was invited to attend the Dubai Fighting Championship by a very generous friend.. how could a girl possibly refuse an offer to watch big massive ginormous sweaty guys battle it out?

I know what you’re thinking.. I’m such a girly girl 

I have taken some Muay Thai boxing pictures a couple of months ago when I was in Thailand, but clearly the MMA is in a bit of a different league.

The ambience was as I had imagined it would be.. and then some more – glamourous ring girls and excited girlfriends, loud screaming fans who are probably recovering from hoarse voices as we speak, a diverse array of patrons armed with tattoos, scars and home-grown loyalty. And of course, the icing on the cake was  generous helpings of blood splatter 

Like I said, a totally girly-girl weekend ;)