an attempt at a paranoid dancer's soul

sometimes with all the curveballs that life throws you, you wonder how is it that you’re supposed to go anywhere that resembles a straight and narrow path.

i’ve been so busy with my commercial shoots lately that i’ve had no time to do what i love – conceiving and executing my own ideas for photography. i have been so antsy and restless.  on top of that, i got bogged down with a nasty flu the size of texas, and i just couldn’t get myself to do anything besides sleep whenever the time allowed, followed by a general disinterest in anything remotely creative.

and then, suddenly, it was like the angels started to sing. a sign.

Got called to do a simple photoshoot with lots of motion, for a creative head of music and fashion.

Patrik is the Artistic Director for Armani/Prive, and if you’ve heard or seen his work, you’d be a little overwhelmed too. It’s just so refreshing to meet more creative juices in Dubai, I feel like we are so short of it here.

I checked out Patrik’s website ( and I realized I could do so much more with this man’s creative vision. A simple photoshoot of fashion or motion would just be such a waste.

I wanted to show this man, and what he was, in all his glory! I had one week. Oh boy.

So my stylist and I put our heads together, and from our conversations with Patrik, we decided we wanted to do some environmental portraiture with him – but something to squash all the stereotypes about him, and at the same time exhibit some portraiture to show what he is all about – a man whose head is constantly brimming with funky ideas with music, fashion, perspectives, thoughts… oh and the icing on the cake – he writes so eloquently. There is nothing more sexy than a man who knows how to express his thoughts in such a fluid manner.

We told our ideas to Patrik, and he was game for anything. This is what a dream subject is all about – when they go over and beyond what you ask of them.

So we came up with these sets of images: