on seeing colours when there's none

i took this image with the help of my youngest brother.



he was quite a trooper. lets just say the original pic was not too far from sewage lines, so flies, smell, fast light and 5 am.. not a good combination.

i showed him this image after, and he said this is probably one of the worst images i have ever done. 

i kinda have to agree with him. except, for the fact that i have been meaning to take this picture for 6 months now. and i spent so much time ( scouting, visualizing, planning) some money (easel, paints.. dammit jim, i'm a photographer, not a painter!)  and sleepless nights on it (many 5 ams slept sleeping through it).

BUT because i spent so much of my emotional time on it, i like it. 

i guess its all about perspectives.... or changing perspectives.

i like it not because what's depicted, but because i like the idea behind it. having lived in dubai for a while now, i've realized that beauty IS what you make of it. 

or in my case, what you want it to be.  

i think beauty, like art, is happiness. 

some of my pictures have been the dark sombre kind, and contrary to popular belief, i am not sad. i am have good and bad days like everyone else, and sometimes its a challenge to show both sides. sometimes i want to take the not so perfect road, and see what pans out. cuz i'm an idiot that way! BUT mostly because it's fresh, exciting, challenging, and a learning experience.

so even if this picture sucks, i'm totally okay to embrace the newness of it!